EBA 270

EBA 270

Small centrifuge with a swing-out rotor that has been specially developed for use in medical practices.

    It is particularly suitable for the centrifugation of sample tubes containing a separating gel and delivers separation results comparable to those of a large centrifuge. The EBA 270 can be used for the usual blood collection tubes and urine tubes up to a volume of 15 ml at a maximum rpm of 4,000. This corresponds to an RCF of 2,254. Many manufacturers of gel tubes recommend their centrifugation in a swing-out rotor. With such rotors sedimentation is in the direction of the tube axis, so that the tube contents form horizontal layers of uniform thickness. Sample preparation can then be carried out by the analytical instrument. The EBA 270 delivers optimum separation results and a horizontal separation layer exactly like that seen with a large centrifuge. The samples are thus optimally prepared for analysis.

    Thanks to its reliable performance, compact dimensions and ergonomic design, the EBA 270 is perfect for centrifugation of blood and urine samples in medical and veterinary practices. In addition, it is used in environmental analysis for clarification of water and soil samples. In schools and other educational institutions it can serve as a low-cost centrifuge for instruction.

    • Supplied with a 6-fold Swing-out rotor
    • Metal lid
    • Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel
    • Plastic casing that is smooth and easy to clean
    • The lid is opened by pressing a button
    • Pulse button for short centrifugation steps
    • The speed and run time of the centrifuge can be varied for different applications: the rpm value is entered in increments of 100 and the time in minutes (up to 99)
    • Lid locking and holding during rotor run
    • Emergency lid lock release
    • Lid closure made of metal
    • Imbalance switch-off
    • Motor has elastic bearings: If there is a slight imbalance the centrifuge will still run quietly and stay in position
    Small centrifuge with rotor
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 239 x 326 x 389 mm

    approx. 14 kg

    Max. capacity:

    6 x 15 ml

    Max. speed:

    6'000 min-1

    Max. RCF:


    Operator manual EBA 270

    Adobe PDF EBA270DEENFRIT (1.73 MB)
    Brochure EBA 270

    Adobe PDF Brochure_EBA-270 (853 kB)